In the October 29th Texas Register the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) proposed rule changes to the sections regarding administrator’s licensing, submitting application materials, and military members, spouses, and veterans. In that same issue, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) proposed a rule change to the section regarding the sale of substitutes to workers’ compensation insurance. See a brief overview of the proposed rules below.

HHSC Proposed Rules to Licensing

Overview Of Administrator’s Licensing
26 Tac §745.8913

  • Proposed rule impacts qualification requirements regarding obtaining administrator’s licenses in the state of Texas. A valid administrator’s license from another state results in a waiver from any prerequisites to obtain a license if the other state’s license requirements are substantially equivalent to Texas’ and there is a reciprocity agreement between Texas and the other state.

Submitting Your Application Materials
26 Tac §745.8933

  • Proposed rule alters what is considered to be a completed licensed administrator application. The changes include language clarifications and a change in application for military spouses who have licenses from another state.

Military Members, Military Spouses, And Military Veterans
26 Tac §§745.9025 – 745.9027, 745.9030

  • Proposed rule alters the definition of a military member, adds clarifying language to the section, stipulates special consideration circumstances, and requires a copy of the permanent change of station order for the military member of the applicant in cases of administrator license application.

TDI Proposed Rules to Property and Casualty Insurance

Sale Of Substitutes To Workers’ Compensation Insurance
28 Tac §5.6302

  • Proposed rule would repeal this section concerned the sale of substitutes to workers’ compensation insurance. HB 3769 from 87(R) makes the rule redundant and obsolete, as each provision in it is now superseded or addressed by statute.