Below is a spotlight on the proposed, withdrawn, and adopted rules from the August 4th and August 11th editions of the Texas Register.


Texas Education Agency

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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Department of State Health Services

Proposed Rules

  • MATERNAL AND INFANT HEALTH SERVICES SUBCHAPTER U. EPINEPHRINE AUTO-INJECTOR POLICIES IN SCHOOLS 25 TAC §§37.601 – 37.611 – The purpose of the proposed repeal of 25 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 37, Subchapter U, is to place all stock medication rules under 25 TAC Chapter 40. The new rules in 25 TAC, Chapter 40, Subchapter F, §§40.81 – 40.89 aligns the rules with similar TAC rules relating to stock medications in schools, youth facilities, and other entities such as amusement parks, restaurants, and sport venues. The public comment period began August 11, 2023 and ends September 11, 2023. The earliest possible date of adoption is September 3, 2023.
  • CHAPTER 40. STOCK MEDICATION IN SCHOOLS AND OTHER ENTITIES – Requires the Executive Commissioner of HHSC consult with the commissioner of the Texas Education Agency to adopt rules regarding maintenance, administration, and disposal of opioid antagonists. S.B. 629 also requires the rules to establish a process for checking inventory and the amount of training for school personnel and volunteers. Finally, S.B. 629 requires schools to report information on the administration of opioid antagonists to the commissioner of DSHS.

Health and Human Services Commission

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Public Utility Commission

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