Below is a spotlight on proposed and adopted rules from the October 27th edition of the Texas register.


Public Utility Commission

Proposed Rule


State Board for Educator Certification

Proposed Rule


  • MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS, MILITARY SPOUSES, AND MILITARY VETERANS. The proposed revisions would implement SBs 422 and 544 and House Bill 621 88(R). The proposed revisions would add military service members as being eligible to receive several of the provisions in place for military spouses; would add provisions to issue a three-year temporary certificate to eligible military veterans, peace officers, fire protection personnel, and emergency medical services personnel; and would also add provisions for the issuance of a one-year temporary certificate to certain instructors for the Community College of the Air Force. The public comment period on the proposal begins October 27, 2023, and ends November 27, 2023. The effective date is October 31, 2023.

Texas Education Agency

Adopted Rule

  • CHARTERS SUBCHAPTER A. OPEN-ENROLLMENT CHARTER SCHOOLS. Establishes the process for approval of an open-enrollment charter, including a no-contact period for open-enrollment charter applicants or any person or entity acting on their behalf with the commissioner of education, the commissioner’s designee, a member of the SBOE, or a member of an external application review panel. The public comment period began July 21, 2023, and ended at 5:00 p.m. on August 25, 2023.

Health Care

Health and Human Services Commission

Proposed Rule

  • HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION CHAPTER 556. NURSE AIDES. The purpose of the proposal is to amend the rules to stipulate that NATCEPs must accept 60 hours of classroom training through HHSC’s computer-based training for nurse aide candidates seeking to qualify for the Certified Nurse Aide exam. The proposal updates definitions and references associated with the nurse aide CBT training and clarifies related requirements.

Adopted Rule

  • COMPETITIVE AND INTEGRATED EMPLOYMENT INITIATIVE FOR CERTAIN MEDICAID RECIPIENTS. Amendment has been adopted concerning Purpose, applicability, Uniform Process, Strategies to Increase Number of Individuals Receiving Employment Services, Referrals to the Texas Workforce Commission and, Increasing the Number of Individuals Receiving Employment Services. The 31-day comment period ended June 26, 2023. The effective date is November 1, 2023


Texas Water Development Board

Adopted Rules

  • REGIONAL FLOOD PLANNING. In the adopted amendment, the definitions of Flood Management Evaluation, Flood Management Strategy, Flood Risk, Nature-based Flood Mitigation, Potentially Feasible Flood Mitigation Project or Potentially Feasible Flood Management Strategy were all modified in response to comments.
  • REGIONAL FLOOD PLAN REQUIREMENTS. This rulemaking is adopted under the authority of Texas Water Code State Flood Planning, Regional Flood Planning, Texas Infrastructure Resiliency Fund, and (Floodplain Management Account for funding planning grants).