The Legislature will convene at noon on January 10, 2023, to begin the 88th Regular Session. Live and archive video broadcasts of floor sessions, committee hearings, and other legislative events will be found at the following links: House | Senate

The deadline for members to file bills for consideration this session is March 10, 2023, after which members will typically need a four-fifths vote to introduce new bills. Introduced bills will need to pass both the House and Senate before the legislature adjourns sine die on May 29, 2023. Unless vetoed by the Governor, passed legislation will then generally be effective on September 1, 2023, unless members specify a later date or two-thirds of members in each chamber vote for an earlier date.

Committees to consider bills are typically formed a few weeks after the start of the session. For most house committees, membership is determined in part by seniority and in part by appointments by the speaker of the house. Each representative sits on at least one committee, while most sit on two or three. For senate committees, membership is determined entirely by appointments by the lieutenant governor, and senators generally sit on four or five committees.

Nearly all filed bills are referred to a committee. A bill being referred to a committee does not guarantee it will be reported out of committee. Although a bill not being reported out of committee may be referred to as a “dead” bill, please note there may be a companion bill or language from the bill can resurface as an amendment on another bill that is moving. HillCo Partners will continue to provide updates on key legislation through the legislative process.

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