In a 7-5 decision the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission voted yesterday afternoon to abolish the Texas Transportation Commission and replace it with a single commissioner of transportation.

The new post would be Cabinet-like, supporters on the sunset panel said, and likely would be an appointment made by the governor. The Senate would need to renew the position at the end of the commissioner’s 2 year term.

Two at-large members and all five House members voted for the single commissioner, while all five Senate members voted against it.

All Sunset recommendations but the following were adopted: 1.1 related to the Commission‚Äôs structure as mentioned above, 3.5 related to rule plan organization, 5.1 related to design-build authority, 7.1 related to regulation of oversize and overweight vehicles, 9.3 and 9.6 related to the Texas Highway Beautification Account, 9.7 related to billboard valuation and 12.1 related to the green ribbon program. These items were severed, then brought up for discussion. Among them, the modifications to 9.3 and 9.6 to keep monies in the State Highway Fund rather than the Texas Highway Beautification Account, were adopted.  

Sunset hearing materials can be found at: